A Fun Day Fishing & Snowshoeing

Saturday, February 24th started off foggy, but it didn’t take long for the sun to burst through and brighten up the morning. Like the sunshine, everyone was in bright spirits at Devil’s Lake for the fishing and snowshoeing event.

Lots of friends and family were out on the ice, bringing some good-natured competition to the fishing. Bluegill and crappie were biting most of the day, and around lunchtime two bass decided they’d like a snack too.

Everyone came in for a lunch of chili and fry bread. In honor of February being heart health month, Community Health provided a spread of heart-healthy fruits and vegetables to make kabobs, a nature scavenger hunt for kids and a trivia scavenger hunts for adults on the topics of diabetes and heart health along the snowshoe trail. The kabobs were enjoyed by all either by eating them right away or grilling them over the fire.

Migwetth to everyone for coming out – we love seeing families and friends enjoying the outdoors Mother Nature provides us!

Devil’s Lake Winter Fisheree Results



  1. Joe Shepard, 14.76”, 1.60 lb *GRAND PRIZE WINNER*

Black Crappie

  1. Jamie Tuckwab, 11.02”, 0.80 lb
  2. Jamie Tuckwab, 10.87”, 0.77 lb
  3. Seth Shepard, 10.04”, 0.63 lb


  1. Joe Brown Sr., 9.33”, 0.55 lb
  2. Kevin Jacobson Jr., 8.86”, 0.49 lb
  3. Gerald Jacobson Jr., 8.62”, 0.44 lb



  1. Delaynie Shepard, 13.43”, 0.98 lb

Black Crappie

  1. Destiny Gilligan, 10.83”, 0.86 lb
  2. Elias Saddler, 10.59”, 0.68 lb
  3. Destiny Gilligan, 10.43”, 0.70 lb


  1. Kaleb Kircher, 8.86”, 0.54 lb
  2. Hunter VanZile, 8.46”, 0.39 lb
  3. Curtis Mallory, 8.07”, 0.34 lb