Bake Cookies Day

Whipping up some holiday treats on #BakeCookiesDay? We know it’s tempting, but don’t try the batter – a warm cookie beats food poisoning any day!​​

Show Winter Who’s Boss

Cold weather isn’t so bad with the right gear! Here’s how to show winter who’s boss:​

Give the Gift That Saves Lives

​​​​​​​Need a last minute holiday gift? Carbon monoxide detectors save lives! Most detectors cost about $20. Bonus: they make a great stocking stuffer!​

Travel Safely This Holiday Season

​Headed over the river and through the woods for the holidays? Before venturing out in the cold, load up your winter car kit and fill up your tank! #WinterPrep​

Tribal Wellvation Program Celebrates First Year

Participants of Tribal Wellvation celebrated their first year of the program on the night of Wednesday, October 9th. The End of Year Celebration took place at the Carter Casino Hotel and was sponsored by Community Health.

Winter Fitness

Don’t let the forecast slow you down! Stay safe while exercising outdoors during colder weather. The Mayo Clinic recommends the following tips for being active outdoors: