Apple Cider Vinegar

Although Apple Cider Vinegar is not a “miracle” or a “cure-all,” it does have some important health benefits, especially for improving insulin sensitivity, lowering blood glucose after a meal, blood pressure control, improving gut health, and symptoms of acid reflux.

Blackberry Leaves

Blackberry Leaves

According to a study published in the February 2000 issue of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, blackberry leaves have higher antioxidant properties than the fruit itself. Thus, blackberry leaves are highly nutritious, produce anti-inflammatory health benefits, and boost the immune system.

Fruit and Vegetable of the Month Apples


Of the 8,000 varieties of apples grown across the world, about 100 of those are grown in commercial quantity in the US – the top 10 varieties comprise over 90% of the crop. Wisconsin’s apple history began in 1800 and today, 7,400 acres in 45 counties around Wisconsin produce 56 million pounds of apples.