Interested in Learning about the Health of the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe?

The Forest County Potawatomi Community Health Department wants to improve the health of the FCP Community. In order to be effective in what we do, we understand that we must be aware of the health challenges the community is facing, what barriers are causing unhealthy behaviors and most importantly, what we can do as a department to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles and overall well-being.

The Community Health Department has been working hard this last year collaborating with partners and the community to gather health data for the FCP Community. Data was compiled from the 2017 FCP Community Health Assessment, the Health and Wellness Center electronic health record system and other data from our Tribal programs.  The FCP Community Health Department is pleased to announce the release of the 2018 FCP Community Health Assessment, which was approved by the FCP Health Division Administration December 2018. This report looks at a number of factors that influence health and provides insight into the strengths of the Tribe, as well as areas that need more attention. This is a huge accomplishment for our department and the community as it provides insight into the major health needs of the community. Some major findings include:

Note: These statistics do not represent the entire FCP Tribal population. The Health and Wellness Center Electronic Health Record data includes Tribal Members who utilize the Health Wellness Center

With guidance from Tribal Members via focus groups and responses given in the 2018 FCP Community Health Assessment, the FCP Community Health Department selected three health priorities to focus on for the next five years: Alcohol and Other Drugs, Injury and Violence, and Obesity Prevention.

Although we are proud of these accomplishments, we understand that the Community Health Assessment is only a stepping stone. In order to be successful in our efforts, we need the community’s engagement and involvement. We encourage you to join a workgroup that will be established to focus on each of these health priorities and we would love your input. The workgroup will review the Community Health Assessment data and identify best practice programs and strategies for improving each health priority. These programs and strategies will be outline in the 2019-2024 FCP Community Health Improvement Plan. To develop this plan we appreciate your thoughts and feedback. You are the voice of the Community; please share your ideas and what you think will make the FCP Tribe healthier. We look forward to working with you to improve the community.

Interested in picking up copies of the FCP Community Health Assessment or being part of a Community Health Improvement Workgroup? Stop by the Community Health Department or contact us at 715-478-4355. Electronic copies of the FCP Community Health Assessment can also be found at