Hiking Opportunities Around The Forest County Potawatomi Community

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and the activity of hiking. Hiking not only offers the ability to connect with nature, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle and mental health wellbeing. According to the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association, individuals are recommended to receive 30 minutes of physical activity five days each week. Physical activity, like hiking, has many health benefits including significantly lowering one’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition to the positive physical health outcomes, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed or stressed at some point in your day, venture outside for a short hike.  Roger Walsh, a professor at the University Of California College Of Medicine, states that exercise and being in nature brings about many positive mental health outcomes which include improved mood and mental clarity. Fortunately residing in the Forest County provides access to a variety of beautiful hiking trails.

Recommended Trails:

  1. Stone Lake Hiking Trails: Starting points located behind the Executive Building and at the corner of Mish ko swen Drive and Everybody’s Road. Trails run through the wooded areas of Stone Lake and eventually into the ATV trail Thunderbird Pass near We j bge Snok Court. Trails offer an easy hiking experience and are very accessible to the employees of the Forest County Potawatomi and the residents of Stone Lake.
  2. Otter Springs Recreation Area: Located east of Bug Lake, the trailhead and parking area are on the end of Otter Creek Road closest to Highway 8. The Otter Springs Recreation Area offers trails of various hiking ability from beginner to more challenging.
  3. Devils Lake Loop: Parking and trailhead are near the boat landing on Devils Lake Lane in Stone Lake. This trail circles beautiful Devils Lake while also winding through the woods that surround the lake. Boardwalks are present in many areas of the trail that contain marsh and water for an easy yet enjoyable hike for individuals of all abilities.
  4. Quartz Hill Trail: Located south of Carter. The trailhead and parking area is about 1 mile south of Carter on Highway 32. The trail is of moderate difficulty due to it containing some slopes. The trail offers both an educational and gratifying experience to families by passing through a quartz crystal deposit and finishing at a beautiful outcrop. The Quartz Hill Trail provides an excellent opportunity to Forest County Potawatomi families to explore trails near Carter, Wisconsin.

Hiking provides you and your family with a fun activity that helps connect one with the beautiful landscape in and around the Forest County Potawatomi Community. With hiking trails so close to home, be sure to explore them this summer. After your hike, you will find yourself awakened and ready to tackle life’s next challenge.